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SPAY/NEUTER: We require spay/neuter before 12 months. A certificate with proof should be sent to us within 14 days after the procedure. Sadly, many well-intentioned owners don't remember to spay before the first heat cycle and dogs become pregnant with different mixed dog breeds. To avoid this puppies must be de-sexed.

Our puppies are sold as companion dogs. If you are interested in any of our breeding dogs please contact us. This contract is a No breeding contract. If your dog has not been neutered or spayed within 12 months of age pick-up from our home, this entire guarantee will be null and void. A claim with court might be filed and a penalty of £10.000.

Our breeding dogs will only go to an approved homes.

We want to ensure all offspring are the result of responsible breeding procedures and breeding dogs can be very expensive. Both parents must be health tested before they are bred to ensure crippling hip or any other immune problems do not pass through the hereditary line. It’s very important to use healthy stock to breed with other dogs.

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